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I’m a freelance Fullstack Engineer with over 7 years of experience in various projects that specializes in providing support for greenfield projects at start- and scale-ups. I blend both technical expertise with good soft skills so that I’m able to sit down with key non-technical stakeholders to understand their needs, priorities and expectations and distill those into technical requirements. I then implement these requirements and iterate over them with the stakeholders over the course of the project.

I’m available for hire in Europe on a freelance basis. If you’re interested, you can send me an e-mail. A plain-text version of my CV is available here.

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    Timed Password


    A tiny utility to send a randomly-generated password to yourself at a certain time and date.



    Track your public-facing cloud assets using CloudExposure. Useful for both legitimately public assets (like if you’re hosting a CDN) but also to find assets that are supposed to be private but accidentally set up to be public.

    Hacker News for Visual Studio Code

    Repository | Marketplace

    Hacker News for VSCode is an extension for Visual Studio Code that allows users to browse Hacker News in a tree widget

    Owl (archived)

    Repository | Documentation

    Owl was a work-in-progress browser extension for Chrome and Firefox which allowed users to bring their KeePass 2.x database to the browser. Planned features were things such as auto complete and cloud provider integration. It was built on top of Tusk. / green team | GitHub | E-Mail | LinkedIn | RSS Feed