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Hello there! My name is Søren Johanson and I’m a Software Engineer from Germany. Currently, I work on insurance tech over at sum.cumo Sapiens. Previously at wertfaktor Immobilien working on various things, and Ashampoo Connect working on the backend for Desktop and Mobile apps.

Here, I mostly write about interesting things coming up that I feel are worth writing about, albeit with a heavy focus on things related to security and fun stuff like HackTheBox etc.

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    Hacker News for Visual Studio Code

    Repository | Marketplace

    Hacker News for VSCode is an extension for Visual Studio Code that allows users to browse Hacker News in a tree widget

    Owl (archived)

    Repository | Documentation

    Owl was a work-in-progress browser extension for Chrome and Firefox which allowed users to bring their KeePass 2.x database to the browser. Planned features were things such as auto complete and cloud provider integration. It was built on top of Tusk.

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