[soeren.codes] Exploring tech issues


Hi, I’m Søren Johanson. Currently, I work at a small-sized company developing business-to-business add-ons for OTRS, an open-source and web-based ticketing system. For this, I primarily use Perl 5 as a programming language. Due to the small size of the company, my responsibilities extend well beyond simply developing OTRS add-ons. I also manage certain parts of customer infrastructure (i.e. OTRS installations), ranging from initial setup to long-term support of said infrastructure. In addition to the above, I mix in some internal system administration as well. This includes taking care of our own OTRS installation, making sure our Docker infrastructure is up and running and sometimes optimizing the GitLab CI/CD process that we use.

I make sure to take every opportunity I can get to branch out from simple Perl add-on development, as it widens my skill set and exposes me to a lot more “day-to-day” problems that I’d never have known otherwise. Of course, these problems range from small and easily fixable to extremely frustrating to deal with.

In the future, I plan on switching over to working with Machine Learning. To reach this goal, I’m currently working on a Machine Learning course offered by Stanford University on Coursera. In addition, I’m fairly active on Kaggle and am actively working on a few projects using Python.


With this blog, my intention is to write up some of the more complex problems I’ve encountered during my time and how I fixed them (if applicable). I will usually keep the same structure in all blog posts, where I provide a bit of history, write about the technical part (i.e. how I got to the solution) and finally give a quick summary of the actual solution.


I’ve added a link to both LinkedIn and Xing (for German readers) in the sidebar. If you would like to contact me in a professional capacity, feel free to drop me a message on either of these platforms. I do not accept any connection requests from people I don’t know (unless you’re a recruiter).

Otherwise, you can drop a comment under any post if you have a particular question about it.

Additionally, you can now contact me at contact@soeren.codes.